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Boxoft PDF Page Editor is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you modify and assembly you PDF
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13 October 2013

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This software utility lets you cut out parts of PDF document pages.

Boxoft PDF PageCut is a simple desktop program that lets you cut PDF document pages into smaller parts. A visual editor that lets you define the areas to be cut out, is available with the tool. This lets you define the area to be cut to quite a sophisticated layout, starting from simple ones like printing a landscape page cut into two portrait pages. The tool supports batch cut of PDF pages. The ability to export the cutting rules makes it very convenient. If the rules are needed again, simply use these saved rules over and over. The cutting editor will let you define horizontal as well as vertical cutting lines. The tool supports drag and drop of these cutting lines. Multiple levels of undo and redo help correction of mistakes; before you apply the cutting rules in a production mode. It will let you define the slice order too in the form of vertical, horizontal, first-last, last-first, etc.

The visual editor is a real nice feature of the tool that gives it the flexibility of the program. You can just add/move the cut marks, the vertical or horizontal cut lines, using your mouse, then click "Cut and Save as" button. Each page can have independent cut rules. Zooming the pages to place the cutting area precisely is also possible. The tool works with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7. The interface makes it all easy to use and thereby making it a very nice tool.

Publisher's description

Boxoft PDF PageCut is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you Cut PDF document Pages into smaller parts. It provide visual cutting editor to cut PDF pages more conveniently. With Boxoft PDF PageCut you can split landscape PDF page in half to print as two portrait pages easily.
Provide visual cutting editor
Support batch cut PDF pages
Export cutting settings as rule file for future use.
Different pages can apply a different cut settings
Support drag & drop cut lines (vertical or horizontal split lines)
Gives the ability to undo and redo splitter placement operations;
Zooms PDF Page working area in and out
Support Define cut page slice order (vertical, horizontal, first-last, last-first)
Boxoft PDF PageCut
Boxoft PDF PageCut
Version 3.8
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